IFERA 2014 Roleski Best Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR)

Research Paper/Case Award

International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA)



This IFERA CALL FOR PAPERS/CASES will encompass any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities within family businesses including concrete efforts focused on sustainability, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship from around the world.  Comparative research between and among areas of the world and/or specific countries are welcome.  The purpose of the Roleski Award is to focus attention and interest on CSR world-wide and in alignment with IFERA as a global organization as well as the in-depth investigation of good/best practices and their relevance to the improving our societies, nations and the world. Contributions may address but are not limited to the following CSR topics:

  • The mission/value statement of family business
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Contracting (e.g., particular demands for partners)
  • Collaboration within and amongst businesses to protect the enviroment
  • Fair treatment of workforce in terms of reasonable wages and benefits as well as workloads
  • Education of personnel and/or other stakeholders on CSR topics
  • Fair treatment of family and non-family business members throughout generations
  • Organization of voluntary activities to promote the welfare of people and nature
  • Impact of family involvement on the philantropic goals, actions and in turn financial and non-financial family business outcomes
  • Development/creation of formal foundation entity in relation to the family business
  • Differences between family and non-family firms in terms of CSR
  • Determinants of CSR in family firms


2000 € award sponsored by Roleski of Poland.



  • Author(s) of full papers including case study papers submitted by the submission deadline for the IFERA 2014 Finland Annual Conference.
  • Only original, unpublished submissions will be considered for this award.
  • A four-member jury will review short-listed papers/cases for this award.


Papers/cases will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of research focus relative to general or specific CSR areas of study
  • Consideration of pressing worldwide CSR concerns that deserve attention and research
  • Potential significance, impact, and contributions of findings on the family business field
  • Concreteness of examples combined with high analytical rigor



The deadline for online submissions is February 2, 2014 and details are available at  http://ifera2014.ifera.org/ .  No email or hard copies will be accepted