Poster Session (PS)

Session General Structure:

The Poster Session provides the opportunity for authors to share the current status of their research in a more intimate format than the traditional session in order to stimulate discussion and gain constructive comments on specific research development concerns. The Poster Session will also include Research Dissemination (RD) presentations with format similar to the Poster presentations.

Each Poster Session is 45 minutes long and with oversight by a Chair. Authors are responsible for bringing their poster and posting it during their assigned session as well as being present at their poster the entire time scheduled in the program.

Presentation Guidelines:

You are requested to arrive 10 minutes prior to your session to set up your poster and start on time. You will be provided with display boards/frames that are 3 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide and with tape or thumb tacks to attach your poster.

  • Use a LARGE TYPE and friendly FONT that can be easily readable from a 5-feet distance.
  • Include more visual graphs and illustrations than writing
    • Prepare a short oral presentation (5 minutes) and some questions to discuss with interested attendees
  • Bring handouts (abstract or paper) and contact information
  • Title, Authors, Affiliation
  • Leading Research Question(s)
  • Literature Overview/Theoretical Background
  • Methodology
  • Hypotheses /Research Model
  • (Preliminary) Results/Propositions
  • Discussion
  • Contributions
  • Limitations

IMPORTANT: If your poster is in the category of “Research Dissemination”, please include the citation of the original publication.