Friday June 27


Day tour to Imatra and Angry Birds Activity Park, 10:00 – 17:00


The guests will take a bus from Lappeenranta to Imatra (about 30 minutes). In Imatra, they will have a guided sightseeing tour outdoors (durations about 2,5 hours) and then move on to Holiday Club Saimaa, where a delicious buffet lunch is served.

In the afternoon, the guests will visit the Angry Birds Activity Park which has 2.400 square meters space for visitors to play in. The park includes activities for children and adults such as play and jungle gym areas, jumping mattresses, jumping tower, pedal cars, lazer labyrinth, scooter area, softball cannon shooting game, interactive ball game wall SUT, hockey slap shot area etc.

During the afternoon, adults also have a possibility to have pampering treatments at the luxurious wellness spa area.


Price: 95€


Under 10 years old children must have an adult supervisor in the Angry Birds Activity Park. 10–13 years old children can be in the park without an adult supervisor only if they have permission filled in the counter. Indoor shoes have to be worn in the park.




Angry Birds Activity Park:


Holiday Club Saimaa: